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Maluhia, aloha & aulike short sleeve t-shirt

Maluhia, aloha & aulike short sleeve t-shirt

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Maluhia (ma-loo-he-ah), Aloha (ah-low-ha) & Aulike (ow-lee-kay)  Peace, love & kindness.

In Hawaiian referring to peace, love & kindness. Maluhia - peace, quiet, security, tranquillity, serenity. Aloha - love, affection, compassion, kindness, sentiment, grace; greeting, salutation, regards. Aulike - to treat kindly. A combination of relaxed fit and smooth fabric this tee pairs with jeans to create an effortless every-day outfit, or dress it up with a jacket and dress pants for a business casual look.

Runs true to size. For more styling versatility and lounge comfort consider sizing up. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL. We recommend washing in cold water inside out. Tumble dry low heat inside out.


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