Our Story

bliss.  nothing other than complete happiness. (Merriam-webster.com)


But you are stuck.  Stuck with self-doubt in the gap between knowing what you want and what you want coming to life.  You need something, a nudge, to energize you to the complete happiness waiting on the other side.  We understand.  You’re in the right place.  E komo mai, welcome.   

My name is Heather and along with my amazing team I run KINO body + self. Born and raised in Hawai’i, I spent two decades in restaurant management supporting and coaching my teams to reach the goals that made them feel their best.  By design the coaching was simple.  A small mix of carefully selected words of applause and encouragement that when combined with the power they already owned created bliss.  They only needed a nudge.     

This was by far the most treasured part of my position and led me to wanting a way to connect with more people outside of the restaurant.  May I introduce KINO body + self, our Hawai’i based and inspired boutique focused on creating everyday pieces that nudge, energize and applaud vibrant ladies on a mission to feel their best by drawing in only things good for their body + self.   

Mahalo for visiting KINO body + self, we have enjoyed sharing our story and hope to hear yours too.  Head over to the shop to start your collection of nudges.  We’ll see you there. 





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www.wehewehe.org – Nā Puke ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i